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Every Monday at 10 AM
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Guests, Wayne Barnett and Annie Tran, from Seattle Ethics and Election Commission, explain what the Seattle Democracy Voucher program is, and how it operates to benefit candiates, voters - and democracy. March 6
Carbon Pricing with Betty Carteret
Gun Safety Legislation with Diane Studley, SaSS chair - Feb 8
Redistricting Listening Session with Karen Crowley - Feb 15
League of Women Voters of Skagit County Observer Corps - Amy Erie
Observer Corp Reporting Form
Citizen Initiative Review proposal with
LWV WA Issue Chair Kathy Sakahara
Public Bank for Washington State
presented by Stoney Bird, LWV WA
Passcode: 4u.!9Y&C
Short Video - Why a Public Bank
Marty Gibbins about Navigating WA Legislature and LWV WA websites
LWV WA Issue Paper on
Revenue and Public Bank